Dear of the Yog

by Roel Funcken



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So I’ve had this idea for years, and finally, it's coming to life, thru a release on Touched Music. I wanted to do something bigger with my musical power for a good cause. I have an amazing network of musical friends, and almost everybody I asked to get involved said yes. I just want to make a statement, we all have the power to do something good in this world, just think about it what it is for yourself and think of ways to make it happen.

3 years ago I adopted a Rottweiler from the shelter, he was in the shelter for 2 years. From all the dogs I took walks with I connected the most with him. And although he is a handful, I love him more than anything in the world. And it opened up my eyes even wider how I connect with them, mostly better than with humans.

I just love animals and dogs in particular. It was clear I wanted to pick a charity that helps dogs, nothing grabs me more by the throat than the horrific situation for dogs in the dog meat trade in Asia. I supported the soi dog foundation a couple of times already so this was a logical choice to focus on them. They do amazing stuff in the whole of Asia.

Mission Statement of soi dog:
To improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to create a society without homeless animals, and to ultimately end animal cruelty.


releases May 26, 2018

Roel Funcken _ Dear of the Yog
Release date 26th of may 2018 Touched records

01.Roel Funcken_Spawkings (Martin Nonstatic rmx)
02.Missingsense_Goodnight Reroute (Roel Funcken rmx)
03.Roel Funcken_Fygon Isk (Ben Fowler rmx)
04.Roel Funcken_Drogan (Lusine rmx)
05.Artcloud_Sunder (Roel Funcken rmx)
06.Roel Funcken_Leaved (Generate rmx)
07.Plaid_Wen (Roel Funcken rmx)
08.Roel Funcken_Balaklavskiy Prospex (Ben Milstein rmx)
09.Roel Funcken_Pead Bandorum (Kettel rmx)
10.Ochre & Roel Funcken_Spock Covex
11.Roel Funcken_Other form of Matter (Erothyme rmx)
12.Roel Funcken_Circuit Interference (Woulg rmx)
13.Ben Milstein_Cosmic Flatulence (Roel Funcken rmx)
14.Roel Funcken_Bloid Fraxton (Rumpistol rmx)
15.Roel Funcken_Pead Bandorum (Illuvia rmx)
16.Sixis & Shwex _Divergence (Roel Funcken rmx)
17.Roel Funcken_Cober Blue (Julien Mier rmx)
18.Roel Funcken_Android Robson (Ochre rmx)


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mastered by Subvert Central Mastering




Funckarma Amsterdam, Netherlands

Funckarma is the long standing project of Don and Roel Funcken. Two Dutch brothers notorious for their bass heavy, groove filled IDM and experimental approach to all forms of electronic music. Always forging new sounds in their constant sonic evolution. More recently they’re breaking into the dubstep and DnB scenes, bringing their own unique form to these ever shifting landscapes. ... more

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