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The Voynich Manuscript


After last year's sophomore release, The Faex Has Decimated, on Tympanik Audio, the Legiac project is back, but this time on the Russian based Dronarivm label, where the new album feels more at home. This time, the electronic duo of Roel Funcken and Cor Bolten take on a more meditative approach to their mildly glitch-infused, modular explored sounds, weaving in ambient textures, field recordings, and vast soundscapes. Titled after an early 15th century hand-written and illustrated codex, named after Wilfrid Voynich, the mysteries within this cryptic album can only be unlocked upon subsequent rotations, offering it up as a soundtrack to an enigmatic place, existing somewhere within imagination of these two prolific artists. The Voynich Manuscript slowly transforms its listener from a seemingly ordinary habitat, to a day-dream haze, to kaleidoscopic illusion - a sonic environment you thirst to visit once again...

The Faex has Decimated


Legiac began in 2007 with the collaboration of Don and Roel Funcken (Funckarma, Quench) and Cor Bolten (Dif:use) to create their first full length ‘Ming Feaner‘ on the Sending Orbs label. Combining intricate electronics with crisp beats and punchy melodies, ‘Mings Feaner‘ was met with open arms by intelligent dance music community.

With previous works released on such esteemed labels such as Skam, Ad Noiseam, Arcola (Warp subsidiary), Schematic, N5MD and others, Legiac now returns with Roel Funcken and Cor Bolten helming their sophomore album ‘The Faex Has Decimated‘ on Tympanik Audio.

‘The Faex Has Decimated‘ sees a combination of Boltens darker, more eerie vibes spidering through Roel’s trademark syncopated glitches, immaculate production, and warm melodic dreamscapes – as only Legiac can deliver.

Mings Feaner


Legiac, a collaboration between the Funcken brothers and Cor Bolten, debuted with MINGS FEANER on Sending Orbs, the much lauded ambient label. "Coar Wacks" slinks into life, as if out of primordial ooze, before the bongo madness and blipping of "Dide Skin" take over. "Faex Decimate" has a Bola-like melancholy melody, though with much more aggressive percussion, while a whisper of funk bass grounds the floating flute of "Tretz Dizm." The quasi-classical "Hallux Abb" drifts in, until "Pinch Era" brings things down with gentle ebbs and flows. The title track offers up some mellow downtempo, while "Vega Orbid" veers into Arabic-tinged acid, which leaves its trace on "Span Feaner" before "Opaque" gurgles the album to a close.

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Funckarma Amsterdam, Netherlands

Funckarma is the long standing project of Don and Roel Funcken. Two Dutch brothers notorious for their bass heavy, groove filled IDM and experimental approach to all forms of electronic music. Always forging new sounds in their constant sonic evolution. More recently they’re breaking into the dubstep and DnB scenes, bringing their own unique form to these ever shifting landscapes. ... more

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